about makayitGROW

makayitGROW designs

planting the seeds and sowing your roots. 

a beleaf is your vision. 

grounded in your prosperity. 

makayitGROW designs was founded in febraury of 2022 with the mission to provide smooth, seamless, and high quality experience to ensure success amongst our clients visions. 

we believe in forming transparent and honest relationships with clients and crafting eye-catching websites. with excellent customer service and years of website design and management experience, our designer, will ensure that the best time, energy, effort, and assistance, and packaging are provided for each project. 

for our core clientele we hard tirelessly to uphold the vision, reputation, and brand of our clients. with a speciality in supporting black owned-businesses. 

we build, design, help to plan, and execute the goal and vision from businesses to personal needs, mig designs designer's approaches to each project committed to not only providing the best quality services but beleafing the your businesses mission,  purpose, and success.

transparent, honest, professional, affordable, high quality, and straightforward are all attributes about makayitGROW. gain the satificiation of all your websites desires and needs..

m. amaris levitt

ceo and designer


"Makayla was vey meticulous and really knew how to capture what I wanted for my logo as well as a great design for the website entirely." - Nigel Durand, FreezeFrame Studios.

"Thank you for helping me build my website. Your patience in understanding my needs has been a blessing. You have life much easier for me. Wishing you many successes in the future." - Johnnetta Hines, S.I.P. Management Consultants