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website design and building process

mig designs six branches of service and twelve-step building process

makayitGROW designs provides clients with a responsive website, great designs, integrations, and speedy website launch time frame, and an investment to grow your vision.

the website design process

our design process is a constructive, organized, and well-maintained process to ensure all pieces are engaged and in-place. makayitGROW design's designer priorities the importance of providing easy navigation, appeasing visuals, accommodations customized to your wishes and desires.

the designing phase is the most crucial part of curating your website. the combination of the consultation, proposal design, and post consultation phases are guaranteed to attract your clientele and bolster your business.

makayitGROW designs website requirements:

the website building process 

below is the 12 step website building process, our transparency is just as important at your success. whether it's building your website from scratch or rebranding your website, the building process will allow for you as the client to view the steps taken to design, craft, and construct the ultimate website for you.

for continued services once check out and consider the mig subscription services.

select your package *this consist of the $75 downpayment*

website design *includes proposal design plan*

website development

IT set-up and intergration

testing and debugging

website official launch

website management 

*if subscribed*

IT business support *if subscribed*

website tracking and reports 

*if subscribed*

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a free 45 min website and IT design consultation is required to determine the estimated completion time and cost for your project. once the website requirements and specifications are outlined, a proposal will be developed for your review.

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