terms and conditions

at makayitGROW designs, your privacy is important. please read the privacy policy that outlines and indicates the ways your personal information is managed.

building and designing projects


there are several requirements requested by makayitGROW design's designer it order to ensure and provide top of the line service. these are negotiable in the preliminary consultation.

these are the following required services:

payment conditions:

a deposit of $75 is required if the committed consultation is selected. if the client decides to select the curious consultation, the package service payment must be collected at the end of service completion. a deposit of $75 is required for the curious consultation if the decision to invest in a service with a 1-14 days turnaround decision timeframe. 10-25% of the total contract amount is due before the project and 100% of the total contract amount is due before the project is:

building and designing projects terms and conditions:

all clients agreeing to paying for packages and service from makayitGROW must adhere to the following terms and conditions.


there will be a confidential relationship between makayitGROW and cleints. information concerning makayitGROW' and/or's businesses affairs, vendors, third-parities, properties, methods of operation, documentation, designer, and other such information whether written, oral, or otherwise, is confidential in nature. makayitGROW, and designer of both will adhere fully to this confidentiality agreement.


both makayitGROW designs and clients must agree to non-competition regarding their respective entity. neither entity will attempt to take any clients from the other entity for any reason whatsoever. ant clients information will be kept confidential between the companies and will be used for the sole purpose of performing the agreed upon services.

files and copyrights

clients will retain all sources files including their copyrights. no royalty fees will need to be paid to makayitGROW for their use.

website maintenance and updates

payment conditions:

note: maintenance is only provided through the subscription services, which can be found here.

turnaround time:

basic maintenance or updates for a website will take between 1-4 business days (including weekends) to complete from the day to day request was submitted and all content needed to complete the updates are received. 

to reach out for maintenance, please contact makayitGROW designer at email.

basic updates include (if not subscribed):

note: these maintenance updates are $25 for 30 minutes, unless subscribed.

all request for maintenance updates after 5pm est will be put into the project queue for the follwing business day.

same day/urgency:

all updates that are requested for completion on the same day the request is submitted and all content is received, will incur a $25 rush fee. same day requests must be recived by 1pm est during business hours and only apply to basic updates. if an emergency technical situtation occurs that severely impacts the functionality and accessibility of the website a rush fee will not be required.


payment conditions:

clients that request a cancellation of project designs will be reimbursed the initial payment of $75, the website will be deactivation, until re-requested, and all accounts and files will be turned to proper ownership.

clients that request a halt of projects must pay half of total invoice and the website will be deactivated until re-requested.

changes and delays

late fees:

all past due invoices will incur a $15 fee on top of the invoice due date. non-payment of invoices will result in deactivation of web hosting services, deactivation of the website, or a delay in receiving any files associated with corresponding project. 

note: all terms and conditions may be subject to change as deemed necessary makayitGROW designs. clients with active projects during policy changes will adhere to the policies that were in place upon change. an email will go out to all clients and subscribers whenever policies and privacy policy change.